Form a Chapter

Instructions on Procedure for Chapter Organization and Approval

A minimum of five paid ANWA Members is required to create a chapter. Any ANWA Member who desires to have a Chapter in her/his area may petition the Membership Committee Chair for organizational materials. The Membership Committee will appoint the petitioning Member as the Chapter Leader (CL) to act as organizational officer, whose goal is to organize an ANWA Chapter within six months. She/He will solicit new ANWA members or enlist existing Members in the area in order to have the required five Members for chapter creation. The CL serves until the Chapter is organized, a name is chosen (and approved by the Membership Committee), officers are elected, and a regular time for monthly meetings is set.

Also, whenever five or more LDS women/men writers residing in a geographical district desire to be formed into a Chapter of ANWA, they may petition the Membership Committee to be so organized. A CL will be appointed to facilitate the chapter formation.

The name of a Chapter will be selected by its Members with final approval by the Membership Committee to prevent duplication.

  1. A person with an interest in forming a chapter of ANWA asks for organizational materials, and is appointed the CL. She/He works to recruit sufficient LDS women/men writers as ANWA members (five) to hold an Organizational Meeting within six months of their original petition for materials. They hand out ANWA brochures and Membership Applications to prospective ANWA members before they set up an Organizational Meeting. If prospective members have not already joined ANWA by the meeting time, they should be advised to bring their application and dues to the meeting.
  2. The CL arranges a time and place for an Organizational Meeting. Existing ANWA members and other LDS women/men writers meet together, under the direction of the CL, using the agenda below.
  3. The CL hands out brochures to any attendees who did not yet received one, and explains to those not familiar with the Association what ANWA is and the membership benefits. They call for a membership commitment. Any non-ANWA members interested in joining ANWA and the chapter fill out membership applications and pay dues. Existing ANWA Members and newly joining members are listed on the roll.
  4. The CL proceeds with the election for chapter officers and other business. The officers and members should always be looking for other LDS women/men writers to invite to join ANWA and their chapter.
  5. The chapter members agree on a time and place (permanent or rotating) for their monthly meetings, arrange for volunteers at the next meeting, and choose a name for the chapter, subject to approval.
  6. All paid ANWA members sign the Petition to Be Organized (PBO).
  7. After the meeting, the CL sends the PBO to the ANWA Membership Chair, along with a copy of the Organizational Meeting Results, and any new member applications and dues. The Membership Chair reviews the the PBO, approves the chapter name, and reports to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors reviews the report, and accepts the new chapter as a Unit of ANWA.
  8. The Membership Chair reports the Approval and Acceptance to the CL and the Chapter Officers, and facilitates the enrollment of officers. The officers each download the Handbook for Officers and other needed materials from the website.


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