Anger Overcome,  Understanding and Managing Anger

Anger Overcome, Understanding and Managing Anger

Anger is a natural emotion everyone experiences.  Sometimes we are the one angry and sometimes we experience the effects of someone's expression of anger. 

Anger Overcome, Understanding and Managing Anger, explores:

  • An explanation of what anger is
  • 5 types of anger
  • How anger is expressed
  • Common reasons for anger
  • Alternative ways of expressing anger
  • The importance of forgiving and healing

By sharing her own experiences the author reaches out to allow the reader to know they are not alone and are supported in understanding how anger affects him/her personally.  Simple, practical suggestions are offered as examples of what has worked for others, while encouragement is offered the reader to think of his/her personal ways to control or deal with anger, knowing there is no single right or wrong method or answer.  


Linda Chatelain




  • ISBN-10: 1938669053
  • ISBN-13: 978-1938669057
  • # of Pages: 78

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