Dictator of Disaster

Dictator of Disaster

(Book 3) Touch can be a sensitive tool or a lethal weapon--especially when it can't be controlled.

After JONAS, a sensory-enhanced young man with anger issues, accidentally harms his sister, she is kidnapped for a second time by their father, the demented doctor who was responsible for the death of their mothers. Of course, Jonas blames himself.

If only Jonas had kept his promise to his sister, maybe he could have kept his sister safe. Maybe he wouldn't have been forced to run an errand for his psycho-father to Mexico. Maybe he wouldn't have ended up being stalked by two thugs looking for stolen drugs.

But then he wouldn't have met Gabriella, whose family gave him a ride south into Mexico. He wouldn't have found a reason to stand up to his father, and he definitely wouldn't have found a way to use his power to help save someone else.

Tired of putting others in harm's way, Jonas must find a way to save his sister alone, rather than relying on their sensory-enhanced friends to help them.


D. Ogden Huff




  • ISBN-10: 1507673566
  • ISBN-13: 978-1507673560
  • # of Pages: 272 pages

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