Farewell, My Denmark


Farewell, My Denmark

Inspired by the true accounts of Scandinavian immigrants aboard the John J. Boyd in 1863.

A failed engagement and the last minute defiance by her sister has Catherine Erichsen questioning everything she once believed. 

Catherine plucks up the remnants of her broken heart as she, her parents, and hundreds of other Mormon converts leave their homes and almost everything they hold dear to begin their journey across the Atlantic. 

She hasn’t had nearly enough time to recover when overheard words send a shiver of dread through her soul—an arranged marriage? Catherine doesn’t want to marry someone she needs the Lord’s help to love. She’s searching for a relationship as sweet and enduring as her parents’. 

With thievery aboard ship, near starvation, and death threats focused on her and her family, Catherine fears she won’t live long enough to fulfill the desires of her heart.




Tina Peterson Scott




  • ISBN-13: 978-0-989158107
  • # of Pages: 278

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