Lock & Key

Lock & Key

After years of hiding from her criminal family and recently taking over care for her two younger sisters, Carina Channing is ready to start a new life in Virginia Beach. But cutting ties with the past proves impossible thanks to a mysterious key she received from her imprisoned father a key her mobster uncle died trying to obtain. After a warning visit from another uncle, Carina and her now fiancé, Navy SEAL Jay Wellman, begin an urgent search to discover the key s purpose before their enemies intercede. Following cryptic notes left by Carinas father, they go in search of the lock the key will open but every step they take grows more perilous because there are others who will do anything to find the hidden location first. With their lives and shared future on the line, Carina and Jay race against time to unravel the threat and the promise this one simple family key holds.


Traci Hunter Abramson




  • ISBN-13: 978-1621085393
  • # of Pages: 225

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