Loving Parenting,  Love Being a Parent

Loving Parenting, Love Being a Parent

Being a parent is something you don't completely understand until you are one.  How does it feel to be parent?  Every parent would answer differently.  Being a parent is described by some as being responsible, stressful, burdensome, expensive, challenging and hard.  Being a parent has also been described as miraculous, exciting, and adventure, eventful, fun, joyful and wonderful.   For me, and most parents I have talked with, being a parent is all of these things and more that cannot be adequately expressed through words.  However, once you are a parent it is up to you to decide how you will see the opportunity.  Ive chosen to love being a parent.  It is my hope that through reading the thoughts and ideas within, that you too will choose to find chances to love being a parent.  Learn a new way or even laugh at a way I have, you may have, loved the ups and downs of every day of being a parent. 


Linda Chatelain




  • ISBN-10: 1938669029
  • ISBN-13: 978-1938669026
  • # of Pages: 42

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