Marriage Hints for LDS Newlyweds

Marriage Hints for LDS Newlyweds

This humorous, thought-provoking book for newlyweds will answer questions such as, Can we make it out of a warehouse store for under $100? How high should we stack the garbage before we finally take it out? Is it possible to save money on a very tight budget? How will we use all of those gift cards we got at our wedding reception?

Readers will also find ideas for establishing spiritual patterns that will strengthen each spouse individually, as well as their relationship.

Some of the 55 topics in this helpful and entertaining book include ''Communication: Mind Reading Doesn't Work,'' ''Put Christ at the Center,'' ''Three Little Words and What They Really Mean,'' ''Taking Down the Barriers,'' ''Family Home Evening It's Just What You Do,'' ''The Completeness of the Temple,'' ''Keeping Score Is for Basketball, Not Marriage,'' and ''A Calling that Lasts Forever.'' Marriage Hints for LDS Newlyweds is the perfect gift for new couples . . . and for any husband and wife who are still newlyweds at heart.


Amy Martinsen




  • Monday, 29 October 2018
  • ISBN-10: ISBN-10: 1599922126
  • ISBN-13: ISBN-13: 978-1599922126
  • # of Pages: 128

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