SemperFi : Idaho to Iwo Jima

SemperFi : Idaho to Iwo Jima


Are you a history detective?


As if the farm and the Great Depression were not enough, Lee and the other 11 children lost their father when Lee was eight years old. He says that it was not until he was a father himself that he understood the magnitude of his personal lose. Children in college returned to help his Mother work the farm. Then all were able to move to town to a home with electricity and a toilet. As Lee prepared for college, and their mother aged, the farm was abandoned. Suddenly he was a Marine on Iwo Jima.  

Called “Sunshine Boy” by his mother,

Lee’s future is bright with a  plethora of options.
Will world war change him?

   This is the second book in my "Primary Source Glimpse" series intended for U.S History teachers or homeschooling teachers and their students to ponder history the way historians do: by digging through evidence to draw conclusions. The books have been created for authentic and relevant inquiry learning.

       Walter Lee Robinson was a child of the Great Depression and great sorrow, after losing his father. The evidences of his life are presented chronologically, ballooning out as his Marine career began during World War II, for your intensive study. The book concludes with a well-lived life through college, courtship and marriage, career and family. Lee turned 96 on February 1, 2020! Materials come from his extensive personal collection, genealogical sites, Marine histories, and the National Archives for a rich sources experience for the reader.

        The reader and student will come to appreciate this amazing individual whose contributions to family, faith and occupation have had lasting effects. Along with that epiphany,  they will learn about the array of sources that chronicle all of our lives.




Joan Enders




  • ISBN-10: 999014417
  • ISBN-13: 9780999014417
  • # of Pages: 170

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