The Coming Forth of the Immortal

The Coming Forth of the Immortal

Josiah Spindle is confronting his illness in a way that he expects will restore him whole and young again. He is considered the premier scientist of his day and is building up to the time where he can apply this process. He is a careful researcher. He expects that he has months more of experimenting available to him to prove each step of the way well before taking that drastic last step; only to be told by his business partner that their sponsors have changed their mind and are closing him down. This leaves him challenged: prove the process now, or die trying to start over, a process he knows will take precious years, more time than he expects to live.


Ren Miller is the famous astronaut who was seriously injured in the greatest flight in history. His piloting ability and sheer grit returned the craft near enough for a rescue. Rebuilding his life, he struggles against the ravages of his burns that have crippled him. Rather than wallow in self-pity, he puts his efforts into his dream of building up his engineering company, a company that he shares with a very young woman who is autistic, but brilliant. She is the product of human engineering . . . which not everyone is happy with.


This tale begins when the lives of these men intersect.


Greg Ferrin




  • # of Pages: 252

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