The Triple-Date Dare

The Triple-Date Dare

Laura Nelson arrives in Oregon to put her past poor choices behind her and finish her second mystery novel. Staying at her sister-in-law’s parents’ beach house in Sunset Bay is an answer to a prayer. She recently renewed her relationship with God and the LDS church, and is working on rebuilding burnt bridges with her family, especially her sister. But she can’t believe her luck. Since arriving at the beach house on the Oregon coast, she’s had two run-ins with the police. The upside is that handsome Officer David Harrington handled both situations. She’s ready to begin her new life, but is she ready for romance?

David Harrington, full time cop and part time artist lives alone by choice. He is ashamed of his unlawful past, a father in jail and an alcoholic mother. Converted to the LDS church while still in prison, he has fully embraced his new life and commitment to the Lord. But who would love him with all his baggage? To protect women from dealing with his past, he has a sure-fire way to keep women at bay. Instead of impressing women on dates, he purposely tries to repel them with his triple-date dare. When he can’t get Laura out of his mind, he asks her out on his famous dates. David figures she will crash and burn like the others. He had no idea she would not only change the rules of his famous dating dare, but instead of pushing her away, it’s working in reverse!

As the two learn more about each other, they form an emotional and spiritual bond. But can they build a future beyond their pasts?


Lauraine Henderson




  • ISBN-10: 0596006810
  • ISBN-13: 978-0596006815
  • # of Pages: 212

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