Tweaks: The Soldiers

Tweaks: The Soldiers

Sure he’ll be a standout even without using his ability, Chuck Messer decides to join the middle school football team. If he can keep it a secret, he’s sure he’ll be necessary to the team by the time Mr. Goetz returns from his honeymoon. Then his guardian won’t have the heart to make him quit.

Most of his teammates are out-of-shape wannabes except The Soldiers. These four kids are unusually big and strong and very secretive. If Chuck is accepted by them, he knows he’ll get back the sense of being special he’s lost. Now, all he wants is to earn a spot on this elite squad even if it means turning his back on the Tweaks. How much of himself is he willing to give up to prove he belongs?


Terry Deighton




  • ISBN-10: 0596006810
  • ISBN-13: 978-0596006815
  • # of Pages: 220

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