2021 Class Schedule

Friday Schedule

Friday, September 10, 2021
General Sessions are held in the Ballroom


Time Room A Room B Room C Room D




                                                          Keynote: Amy Harmon

Breakout #1

10:00-10:50 AM

*Intensive* Get Ready to Publish! (Two Hour Workshop)
Heather Moore

Preregistration Required

Dialogue: How to Get Your Characters to Sound Like Themselves
Stephanie Black
Agent/Editor Panel Discovery  Writer Survival Guide
Traci Hunter Abramson

Breakout #2

11:00-11:50 AM

Intensive pt. 2

Heather Moore

Successful Side Hustles
Sara Ella
Character Motivation
Kaylee Baldwin
The Psychology of Romance
Janette Rallison
12:00-12:50 PM                                                                          Lunch

Breakout #3

1:00-1:50 PM

What I Wish I’d Known in Self-publishing
M.A. Nichols
Start at the Beginning
Shelly Brown

*Intensive* Become a Submission Superhero!
Editor Lisa Mangum

Preregistration Required

Taking Worldbuilding Personally

Paige Sommer
and Stephanie Moore

Breakout #4

2:00-2:50 PM

Optimizing Your Amazon Product Page
Rachel Huffmire
Let Your Character Drive: Techniques Authors Should Steal from Actors
Emily Inouye Huey
Intensive Pt. 2
Lisa Mangum
What I Want From You Is…Your Voice
Editor Samantha Millburn
3:00 PM                                                                         Snack

Breakout #5

3:30-4:20 PM

Memoir and Family History Basics
Randy Lindsay
Breaking Up with the Alpha Male: Avoiding Cliché Characters in Writing Romance
Raneé Clark
Eye Popping Pitches: Getting Your Query Letter or Pitch Noticed 
Agent Karyn Fischer
6 Steps to Get Emotional
Julie Wright

Breakout #6

4:30-5:20 PM

The Power of Choice in Your Creative Life
Mandy Ballard
It Came from the Slush Pile
Dennis Gaunt
Hook, Line, and Sinker: How to Hook Readers and Reel Them In
Agent Lynnette Novak
Vulnerable and Authentic Writing
Ben Schilaty
5:30                                             BOB awards and Closing Remarks


Saturday Schedule

Saturday, September 11, 2021
General Sessions are held in the Desert Rose Ballroom


Time Room A Room B Room C Room D
8:30 AM Welcome

Breakout #7

9:00-9:50 AM

Editorial First Aid: CPR for Your Dying Manuscript Blurb and Bio
Agent Lynnette Novak
After November: Using NaNoWriMo Techniques to Reach your Goals and Meet Deadlines
Jessica Guernsey
Romance Series 101
Sarah Alva
Podcast Crossover
Charlie Bird and Ben Schilaty

Breakout #8

10:00-10:50 AM

Out Of My Mind: How to Write the Picture Book I Keep Thinking About

Shar Abreu Petersen

Releasing Tension

Editor Ashley Gebert

Description: Beyond Character and Setting

Ellie Whitney

Share Light Like a Boss

Michelle Wilson

Breakout #9

11:00-11:50 AM

Stories are Like Onions
Cassie Shiels
A Rebel With a Plot
Jentry Flint
Great Writing Regardless of Genre
Editor Lisa Mangum
Appreciate vs. Appropriate
Lehua Parker
12:00 PM Lunch

Breakout #10

1:00-1:50 PM

Course Corrections
Traci Abramson
Character personalities
Christie Powell
Zero to Hero: Top 10 Self-Editing Techniques to Take Your Writing from Amateur to Pro
Raneé Clark
Discovering Verbs that Sing: Elevating Your Writing on a Line Level
Agent Karyn Fischer

Breakout #11

2:00-2:50 PM

Mistakes Not to Make
Janette Rallison
Never Say ‘Actually’: Lessons from a TV Writers  Room
Adam Berg
“Can You Feel it, Baby?” (Readers should too.)
Rachel Stones

Rocking Amazon Ads

Katie Garland

3:00 Snack

Breakout #12

3:30-4:20 PM

Beyond Spelling and Grammar: Editing to Take Your Manuscript to the Next Level
Tracy Daley
Cohesion – How it all Works Together
Amy Harmon
Creating Compelling Villains
Stephanie Black
Work-Life Integration and Writing
RuthAnne Snow

Breakout #13

4:30-5:20 PM

You’ve Signed with a Publisher!…Now What?
Editor Samantha Millburn
So You Know You Need a Website…Now What?
Lisa Crandall
Dissecting the Frog: Why Humor is Essential
Dennis Gaunt
The Sisyphus Dilemma; or What’s the Point?
Kaylee Baldwin
5:30 Closing Remarks