ANWA Leadership

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2021 Executive Committee

Randy Lindsay, Past ANWA president

Past President
Randy Lindsay
Melinda Carroll, ANWA's 2021 president-elect

President Elect
Melinda Carroll
Kaitlyn Stoic, ANWA Treasurer

Kaitlyn Stoic
Cassie Shiels, ANWA's 20201 Secretary

Cassie Shiels

Board of Directors

Jill Warner, ANWA's 2021 Communications Chair

Jill Warner
Jamie Hixon, ANWA's Conference Chair

Tamara Passey
Jenny Tracy, ANWA's 2021 Membership Chair
Brent Dunn, ANWA's Online Chair for 2021

Regional Directors

Eastern Region
Kiersten Lortz

Intermountain Region
Tara Mayoros

International Region
Rebecca Irvine
Brent Dunn, ANWA's Online Chair for 2021

Online Region
Brent Dunn

Northwest Region
Melanie Mason

Southwest Region
Cindy Williams